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The Traffic Records System (TRS) is a data warehouse that provides state and local agencies with the ability to properly assess and plan for the safety of the motoring public.  The Traffic Records Coordinating Committee (TRCC) is an interagency committee that has been working since June 2005 to develop the TRS.  By linking together information that is now housed in separate, isolated repositories at KDOT, KHP, KDOR, KDHE, KBI, KBEMS, and other organizations, data analysis will allow the state to have a more complete picture of traffic safety in Kansas.

 Law Enforcement - what you need to know

Release 1.0 of the TRS is now in production.  The system currently receives electronic submission of accident records from law enforcement agencies using KHP's Kansas Law Enforcement Reporting (KLER) application and KDOT's 2009 accident forms.  For more information on KLER click hereAccident records are validated at the TRS and are distributed to repositories at KDOT, KHP, and other State agencies.  Historical accident records as well as new submissions are searchable at the TRS by law enforcement via KCJIS.  State agency users utilize the TRS Internal Portal.

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