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Performance Measures


Kansas Traffic Records System (TRS) Performance Measurement System provides for the structured and systematic assessment of an Traffic Records Coordinating Committee's (TRCC) progress in meeting its objectives and goals.  The system describes identified measures and the process of how performance metrics are defined, implemented, and used to manage initiatives and projects listed in the Traffic Records Strategic Plan.



Measurement Report (PDF, 558Kb)

The Kansas Traffic Records Measurement Report (KTMR) enables the TRCC to make judgments about the effectiveness and efficiency of its plan, processes, and programs.  The performance measurements provide a holistic view of the strategic plan’s performance that demonstrates accomplishments and results.  The TRCC leaders utilize the performance measurement results in this report to make ongoing decisions about their initiatives, processes, and performance.



Guidebook (PDF, 297Kb)

The Guidebook is not intended to actually identify and define the specific performance measurements.  Using the process defined in the guidebook, the Kansas TRCC, and the Kansas project manager will work collaboratively with the agencies to identify, document, and report the TRS performance measurements.



Reference Guide (PDF, 135Kb)

The Reference Guide provides a detailed definition of each measurement, its performance target, and its source of data.  The Reference Guide is designed as an accompanying reference text to the Guidebook and the Kansas TRS Measurement Report (KTMR).

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