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Kansas Law Enforcement Reporting (KLER) System 

Completing and filing statutory repots are a common task for law enforcement agencies across the country.  In Kansas, the Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP) in conjunction with the TRCC partner agencies, have developed an electronic field-based reporting system for use by officers in completing and filing these statutory forms.  The KLER system is highly modular and can be used to improve reporting by agencies, both small and large.



Product Features

KLER is a FREE highly customizable, feature rich, form-based application that includes best-of-breed features with the primary purpose of allowing law enforcement to complete reports in an efficient and safe manner.  Features include the following:


Mobile Capable

·         Supports both online (desktop) and offline (MDU) data input.

·         Support for bar-code and mag-card scanning hardware.

·         High-Contrast/Nighttime data input mode.

Highly Configurable

·         Configurable to support cross-agency form routing and workflow.

·         Integrates with third-party Records Management Systems (RMS) through XML data packages.

·         Form designer allows for agencies to publish additional forms.

Feature Rich

·         Large number of state mandated form templates included in solution.

·         Supports offline data validation to reduce the likelihood of input errors.

·         Automatic text resizing to fit text into space on forms.

·         Enables embedded electronic diagrams.


KLER Benefits

·         Reduce report completion time

·         Increase report accuracy through validation

·         Reduce report completion through data sharing and auto-fill features

·         Integrated Easy Street Draw Application

·         Paperless Review process

·         Redaction feature

·         Mobile capable stand-alone application

·         Multi-Officer/Agency usage friendly

·         Electronic repository submission

·         Paperless cost savings

·         RMS system ready

·         Free to registered agencies

·         Updates available online

·         Application support available by phone and online

·         Software and documentation available online

·         Create agency-specific custom forms via the free available form designer software


 Visit KLER Portal

The KHP is actively involved in developing and deploying this solution both internally to units throughout the state and to other interested law enforcement agencies.  As a part of this deployment, the following documentation has been made available:


Downloads and Updates

·         Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ)

·         KLER Presentation and Screenshots

·         KLER Filler Updates

·         Installation Instructions

·         Configuration and Routing Instructions

·         KLER Data Dictionary

·         Easy Street Draw 3


Agency and Vendor Information:

·         See what RMS Vendors are Interfacing with KLER

·         See what Agencies have downloaded and electronically submitting State Repository forms using KLER





Contact Information

Parties interested in becoming involved in the KLER rollout or wishing further details are encouraged to contact the following:


KHP IT Helpdesk



KLER training is a *Train the Trainer* presentation style and will last approximately 3 hours. 






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